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Disabled Widow's And Widower's Benefits Lawyer

We Help Widows Get the Benefits They Deserve

Losing your spouse is difficult enough. At West Coast Disability Legal Center, we know that you do not need the added stress of navigating the technical rules that stand between you and your benefits as a disabled widow or widower. Lawyers at our Long Beach law firm can help you through this difficult time, advising you compassionately throughout the application process.

Many people are overwhelmed by the legal requirements for disability benefits for widows and widowers.

Attorneys at our firm understand the complex eligibility rules so you do not have to. We can handle these complex matters for you, so you can focus on coping with the devastating loss of your spouse.

Some of these rules include:

  • You must be at least 50 years old.
  • You may be eligible for disabled widow's or widower's benefits even if you are not disabled once you reach the age of 60.
  • If you were still married when your spouse died, you must prove that you were married for at least nine months.
  • If you were divorced at the time of death, you must prove that you were married for at least 10 years.
  • Your disability must have started no later than seven years after the insured died or seven years after you were last entitled to mother's or father's benefits or to Disabled Widow's or Widower's benefits based on a disability.

Disabled Widow's or Widower's benefits are subject to a five-month waiting period.

Work With Experienced Disability Lawyers, Not Inexperienced Representatives

At West Coast Disability Legal Center, all of our clients are represented by experienced attorneys, not by inexperienced "representatives." Our lawyers, Cari M. Schwartz and Megan F. DiTolla, take great pride in the personal service they have provided to thousands of clients.

We do more than just attend your disability hearing with you. We provide full legal representation and informed guidance throughout the whole process. Our lawyers are committed to giving you all the personalized legal help you need and deserve - a factor that sets us apart from our competition.

Contact Our Long Beach Disabled Widow's And Widower's Benefits Attorneys

Close personal attention is what sets our Long Beach law firm apart from our competition. We can answer your Disabled Widow's and Widower's benefits questions and guide you through the process. Get started by making an appointment for a free consultation with one of our firm's lawyers. Call us at (800) 459-3017 or contact us online.