Why Do I Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

1. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer knows the law.

The experienced SSDI lawyers at West Coast Disability Legal Center know the law and how to win your case. The Social Security Administration allows non-attorney representatives to handle cases if they meet certain criteria, but they are not licensed lawyers. Non-attorney representatives can charge the same fee as an attorney, so why not hire an experienced attorney at West Coast Disability Legal Center since we have represented thousands of people just like you. Additionally, non-attorney representatives cannot handle Social Security Disability claims at the Federal court level while an attorney can.

2. An experienced SSDI attorney can help you get the medical evidence you need.

An experienced disability attorney knows what evidence is needed to win your claim. If you have a lumbar spine impairment, a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, or suffer from clinical depression, an experienced Social Security attorney can make requests to your doctors to get the evidence necessary to prove your claim.

3. An experienced disability lawyer will cross-examine expert witnesses.

It is common for a vocational expert and a medical expert to testify at your hearing. These are people you have never met. The vocational expert will summarize your work history for the last 15 years. The medical expert will summarize the medical records and give his/her opinion as to your limitations. The experienced disability attorneys at West Coast Disability Legal Center not only know the law but understand vocational factors and medical terminology to make sure you are treated fairly at the Administrative Law Judge hearing.

4. An experienced SSDI attorney can draft arguments.

At West Coast Disability Legal Center, our experienced disability attorneys know how to write strong arguments which can help win your claim. Our experienced lawyers know what the Social Security Administration means by such commonly used terms as, "date last insured," "Listing of Impairments," and "vocational guidelines." Our attorneys will always address these issues to make sure we do everything we can to win your claim for benefits.

5. An experienced disability attorney can present convincing oral arguments.

An experienced disability attorney can think on his/her feet. When put on the spot, our experienced SSDI attorneys always know how to respond and are not intimidated by a courtroom. The experienced attorneys at West Coast Disability Legal Center will advocate on your behalf in front of the Administrative Law Judge.

6. An experienced SSDI lawyer will submit all paperwork on time.

An experienced disability attorney will not miss a deadline. Social Security claims have very specific time frames that cannot be missed. Our experienced attorneys are aware of what the regulations require and meet every deadline.

7. An experienced disability attorney can answer your questions.

At West Coast Disability Legal Center, our experienced SSDI attorneys understand you may have a lot of questions about this complicated process. Our attorneys are here to help you get the answers you need so you understand how the process works from beginning to end.

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