Social Security Disability Benefits Overview

The Social Security Disability benefits process is complicated. Many individuals are denied because they do not understand the law or they fail to follow the proper procedures. At West Coast Disability Legal Center, we have represented thousands of clients seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Our clients can rely on us at every stage of the Social Security Disability claims process, whether a case is at the initial application, reconsideration, hearing, Appeals Council, or Federal court level.

All of our clients' cases are handled by licensed and experienced attorneys. We do not allow you to be advised by non-attorney "representatives." Our level of personal service is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Los Angeles Disability Attorney

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Our lawyers provide individual attention to each one of our clients. This is what sets our Long Beach law firm apart from our competition. We can answer your Social Security Disability benefits questions and guide you through the process. Get started by making an appointment for a free consultation with one of our firm's lawyers. Call us at (800) 459-3017 or contact us online.