Free Consultation for SSDI Benefits

We know that applying for social security benefits can feel overwhelming. You have questions and want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could delay your claim being paid. Take advantage of a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney first. It can increase the likelihood that your claim is approved, and help you avoid any unneeded delays.

Why Do We Offer Free Initial Consultations?

People are bound to have a lot of questions when they are contemplating applying for disability benefits. Most people do not realize that the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has very particular rules that an individual must meet in order to qualify for benefits. By offering free consultations, we are able to assess whether a person’s impairments would potentially meet SSA’s unique definition of disability. Sometimes the people we initially meet with do have disabilities that fall within SSA’s guidelines and sometimes they do not. By offering free consultations, we can assess each person’s situation and give each person the best advice possible, even if the individual may not have the type of impairment that qualifies for disability under Social Security’s laws. Offering free consultations also allows people to meet our attorney, Megan F. DiTolla, directly. Filing a disability case can be a lengthy process and Megan wants to make sure that all clients feel comfortable with her, as she will be working directly with each client throughout the whole process. Our free consultations help potential clients to feel more secure when selecting West Coast Disability Legal Center to represent them in their claims for Social Security Disability benefits.

How Do I Get Started Filing For Disability Benefits with SSA?

If you are interested in filing for disability benefits, feel free to call us at (800) 459-3017. Unlike most of our competitors who require that a claimant be denied disability benefits at least once before they can take on a claim, we do file Social Security Disability applications for people. Unfortunately, we are not able to file Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) applications at this time, as the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) must screen claimants initially to see if they meet the financial requirements for SSI. However, we do handle SSI appeals, as well as appeals for Social Security Disability benefits. If you are looking to file for SSI, you can contact the Social Security Administration directly at (800) 772-1213 to schedule an SSI intake. Additionally, you can apply directly for Social Security Disability benefits on SSA’s website at SSA does not allow claimants to apply for SSI online at this time, unless they are also insured for Social Security Disability benefits. This is called a concurrent application. Are you unsure of what type of disability benefits you should be applying for through Social Security? No problem! Call us (800) 459-3017 and we will help you figure out what types of benefits you may be eligible for!